OOIS UML is an executable profile of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for rapid development of object-oriented information systems (OOIS), such as business and other kinds of database applications, based on high-level, executable UML models. OOIS UML is underpinned by a formal and executable subset of UML that allows significantly more efficient development than with approaches widely used nowadays. OOIS UML also refers to a design method for developing information systems using the profile.

OOIS UML is thoroughly described in the book:

D. Milicev, “Model-Driven Development with Executable UML,”
Wiley (Wrox), July 2009, 816 pages, ISBN 978-0-470-48163-9

Contact: To ask questions or give comments, write to info@ooisuml.org.


OOIS UML is invented by Dr. Dragan Milicev, professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The early ideas emerged in late 1990s, while the approach was shaped in early 2000s. Since 2000, the approach has been applied in about a dozen commercial and industrial applications.

Known Implementations